Top 10 Incredible Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp [Get Instant Relief]

Hey you, wait for a second, Are you suffering quietly with an itchy scalp or are you here looking for effective natural remedies to get rid of itchy scalp? Wait, What? Are you uncertain about the causes of Itchy Scalp? Don’t bang your head with the question as to why does my scalp itch? This is not to be continued. This needs an immediate stop. Don’t let these doubts clog your mind. You’ve come to the right place to clear all your doubts about itchy scalp causes and how to get rid of Itchy Scalp. 😀 I’m sure your queries will be answered by the time you complete reading the post. You might even be left with doubt free mind and itch-free scalp if you follow the below home remedies for itchy scalp.

Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

Why Does My Scalp Itch? ( Baffled 🙄 )

So, let me tell as most of you might think the culprit behind your itchy scalp is Dandruff. Well, you might be correct but this is not the case for others. There are several reasons behind this problem and many are having an awful time in public due to the itchy scalp. What causes itchy scalp? huh ?? why does my scalp itch? and why is my scalp so itchy:-(

Why am I saying all this? I will share the main causes of itchy scalp right away and also provide you with the scalp itching and hair loss home remedies.

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What Cause Itchy Scalp?

Simply put promoters for Very itchy scalp means causes for itchy scalp. OK, I agree you are looking for Itchy scalp treatment and you don’t need these itchy scalp causes. But you know what, if you know why your scalp is itching then you can easily use the natural remedies for itchy scalp and apply them to stop your scalp from itching.

  • Dandruff (you already guessed it.)

Itchy Scalp and Dandruff are best friends. Click here to separate them

Dandruff flaking is mostly a result of dry skin. It might also be due to lack of hygiene.

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

It is a skin condition that is caused mainly due to Zinc, Vit. B6 deficiency

  • Psoriasis

There is no clear understanding of how one contract this Auto Immune disease.

  • Allergic Reactions

These are commonly seen due to high use of hair products, dyes or they might be due to eczema. The other itchy scalp causes may also include the dry scalp, head lice etc.

The above mentioned itchy scalp causes are the criminals which made you search the google with phrases such as how to relieve Itchy scalp, the best treatment for itchy scalp, home remedy for itchy scalp, itchy scalp remedy, natural remedy for itchy scalp, itchy scalp causes etc.

Now you have one less problem to worry about. (Itchy scalp 😎 !!)

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Back to solutions with Best Itchy Scalp Remedy

You might be wondering if there are many causes and you are unsure of your cause for Itchy scalp then how can you effectively rectify your Scalp Itch. Am I right? Well, there are no side effects for using the items handed over to us by our Mother Nature for Itchy Scalp treatment. And you can afford them easily as they are your regular items used in your home to treat dry Itchy Scalp.

Here we are just a few seconds away from having an itch-free scalp. Follow me and scroll down to have a look at all the ingredients that act as Natural Remedies for Itchy Scalp readily available in your home. There are so many ways to treat the Scalp Itch and Itchy Head. I’m just naming the Top 10 Remedies for Itchy Scalp which I’ve tried and know for sure that they work. I’m listing them in ascending order of their effectiveness in Itchy Scalp treatment.

Keep in mind that these home remedies on topical application give you a temporary relief to Itchy Scalp, though you need to work it out through your diet and exercise for a long-term change.

Highly effective Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

# nomore itchy scalp with Baking Soda!

1.Baking soda

We commonly use Baking soda for cooking purposes. But do you know it can be used for other things too? Like reducing the Scalp itchiness which has been troubling you since who knows when? Yes, it’s true. It does help in acting as a relief to Itchy scalp and control your itching Scalp issue 🙂

home remedies for itchy scalp

Essential commodities for Itchy Scalp Treatment:
  • 2-3 tbsp of baking soda
  • Water
The way of Approach To Treat Itchy Scalp:
  • To get rid of itchy scalp, you need to make a paste of baking soda using water.
  • Now apply it onto your scalp ( be gentle now)
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes. ( no, not a minute more)
  • Give your head a quick and nice wash with mild alcohol-free shampoo.
  • Don’t do this more than twice a week as baking soda can lead to loss of shine of your hair.
How will it work:

It primarily works by exfoliating product build-up on the scalp, to give you a soothing relief from the itchy scalp.

Have I tried:

No, I haven’t. Because I’m afraid my hair will lose its shine. 😉 I know it might work, but I’m not brave enough to do that to my hair.

2. Coconut Oil

# home remedies for itchy scalp 

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts. It serves many purposes, one of them is as a moisturizer for hair to bid adieu to the itchy scalp. Bye- Bye. Not to forget the long shelf life of it enabling us to use even the age-old oil which has been lying on top of your shelf waiting for you. Let us take a sneak peek at how it aids itchy scalp.

home remedies for itchy scalp

Essential commodities:
  • Plain oil Coconut oil. ( That’s it. Nothing more)
The way of approach:
  • You can apply the oil directly to your scalp and allow it to remain overnight. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning.

( P.S. If you can let it stay on our hair and bear with its greasiness for the rest of the day, you can see that it not only clears your itchy scalp but also promotes hair growth.)

  • Now, don’t slip away to the next remedy, because you get a better output when you heat the oil and apply it when its warm. Psst, Don’t forget to massage your scalp after application.
How will it work:
  • Coconut oil which is usually taken for granted actually helps nourish the damaged scalp and remove the product build up around hair follicles.
  • Its basic function is to moisturize and significantly reduce the symptoms of the Itchy scalp.
Have I tried:

Oh God, Yes I have. And it is a miracle oil which instantly compresses the itchiness. Do I recommend it? Yeah, Definitely. If you have an itchy scalp, this is your best first option.

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3Apple Cider Vinegar

# no more itchy scalp

Apple Cider Vinegar commonly abbreviated to ACV is a variety of Vinegar made from Apple and Cider as the name suggests. It has many benefits which are scientifically proven. So, you need not worry about the authenticity of the benefits from ACV.

Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. (Quantity is actually based on the length of your hair, if you just want it for your itchy scalp then 1 cup will do.)
  • Water to dilute the ACV.
The way of approach:
  • You need to cleanse your hair with shampoo first. Just as you do before you apply conditioner.
  • Now mix equal parts of ACV and water, and douse your scalp with the solution.
  • Rinse the scalp with water after 2 minutes.
How will it work:

CH3COOH commonly called Acetic acid present in ACV helps remove residue like dandruff flakes. ACV also has anti-inflammatory properties that help kill the fungi associated with dandruff.

P.S. Don’t even consider drinking it. EWW.

Have I tried:

Yes, I have. It works fine if you follow it up with a conditioner. The conditioner is not a mandate though.

4.Green Tea

# home remedies for itchy scalp

Some of you might be drinking lots and lots of green tea after the widespread of its health benefits.I’m one of them, so I know the taste. And believe me, it’s not good. Many will detest the taste and stop drinking it after the first time. So here’s good news for all non-drinkers of green tea, because now you can get its benefit simply by topical application on your hair.Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • 2-3 green tea bags.
  • 1l water.
The way of approach:
  • Add the tea bags to the water and let it boil. Now switch off the flame and let it steep for 30 min to get the most out of it.
  • Drench your clean hair with the green tea.
  • Wash your hair after 10min.
How will it work:

According to scientists, green tea has the antioxidant “EGCG” (epigallocatechin gallate) that has residue removal properties, which will facilitate relief from the itchy scalp.

Have I tried:

Hell yeah! And I would definitely recommend it to others because it is not only an effective in clearing itchy scalp but also provide a lustrous look to your hair.

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5. Aloe Vera

# Get Rid of Itchy Scalp

Aloe Vera is a tropical evergreen plant that is mostly cultivated for its medicinal use. Aloe vera gel can also be considered a medical miracle as it cures many diseases and it also used as natural remedy for diabetes, fever, inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • Fresh Aloe vera leaves. ( Better if the gel is scooped out beforehand.)
The way of approach:
  • Scoop few aloe vera leaves, and add the gel into a blender. Blend it well until you get a clear liquid from the opaque gel.
  • This liquid is the Aloe Vera juice, which you would apply on to your scalp and hair.
  • Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo after 20 minutes. (no ambiguities here.)

P.S. You can also squeeze a lemon into it if you want added benefits.

How will it work: 
  • Aloe Vera balances the pH levels of your scalp if it is applied thrice a week.
  • Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which help repair dead skin cells on the scalp.
  • It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Aloe Vera also helps prevent itching of the scalp. See, I told you its a plant of miracles.
  • It helps prevent dandruff, itchy scalp, promotes hair growth, all the while helping your hair to be smooth and shiny.
Have I tried:

Yes, of course. Put some faith in my words when I say it works wonders. Like a blessing in disguise for the despair. I feel like its a superhero who fights dry scalp and itching scalp and helps the people who are asking it for Itchy scalp remedy.


# home remedies for itchy scalp

I don’t know about you guys but my face would go sour when it comes to eating a banana. I abhor it to the core. I’m sorry all the banana lovers out there. But the only thing that keeps me going on buying the fruit from the market is its invaluable use as a hair conditioner and as an alternative to prevent itchy scalp. It also prevents dry itchy scalp.

My personal choice. I love banana for hair because it smoothens our hair and act as nourishing hair conditioner.

Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • 3 Ripe bananas
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 Avocado ( optional.)
The way of approach:
  • Smash the bananas and add avocado pulp, honey, to it. ( As simple as that.). But beware of the mixture’s stickiness. It sticks to your hair and takes time to wash it.
  • S0, my personal advice would be to blend it well, like how you make a smoothie and toss in the 2 tbsp of honey. Now consider applying it on your scalp.
  • Wash it no later than 25-30 minutes for smooth locks. And say goodbye to the itchy scalp.
How will it work: 

By nourishing and moisturizing, it prominently reduces flakes, dandruff, and inflammation of the scalp leading to no more itchy scalp for you.

Have I tried:

Aye, I did try this on my hair and it significantly reduced the itchy scalp condition. Not only that, I was able to get an added benefit of (ahhh) very smooth hair which lasted for 3 days, unlike other conditioners. It is also an efficacious itchy scalp remedy.


7. Onion juice

# Home Remedy for Itchy Scalp

Onion, When you think of the vegetable onion you would remember one thing for sure; it makes us cry while chopping it. But now it makes us cry with tears of joy. Behold, the amazing uses of onion juice and things it does to your hair. It nourishes, helps it grow, replenishes damaged hair, and it makes your itchy scalp condition a long gone one.

Itchy ScalpEssential commodities:
  • Simple ingredient- Onion juice. ( that’s all you need, folks.)
  • Applicator/ Or your hand would do.
The way of approach:
  • Apply the onion juice directly onto your scalp. ( It may cause a feeling like burning, but it’s not dangerous) It’s SAFE.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water after 45minutes. Don’t blow dry your hair. Let it dry itself.
How will it work: 

Collagen present in the cells of onion results in production of new healthy cells on your scalp. On application of onion juice improves blood circulation to your scalp making your itchy scalp go obscure.

Have I tried:

I have indeed. It works. And as I told you it burns too, because of the Sulphur in it.

My advice: Refrigerate the juice before application.

Pro Tip: To dice an onion easily cut into pieces.

Yogurt is the best choice to get rid of Dry Scalp [Must Try]


# Best Treatment for Itchy Scalp

Curd, it is a dairy product formed as a result of curdling of milk. Many of you know this. In fact, Yogurt also undergoes the same curdling, the only difference is, it is formed from inoculation of different bacteria in milk. Needless to say, Yogurt has much more nutritional values than Curd. It is mostly regarded as the best home remedy for itchy scalp and dandruff too.Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • 1 cup of Curd/ Yogurt.
  • Lemon
The way of approach:
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon into the cup of curd, and mix it well until you see the curdles forming.
  • Now smear this onto your hair and let it stay no more than 20 min on your hair. As it may cause your hair to go frangible.
How will it work: 

Plenty of Protein content and Vit. B6 present in curd helps moisturize hair, fortify hair follicles and repressing the tireless, impeccable dandruff taking way itchy scalp along with it.

Have I tried:

Affirmative. It has become a part of my routine every week so as to get a silky smooth hair along. (Effectively free Anti- Itch moisturizing conditioner huh!)

9.Lemon Juice

# Home Remedies for itchy scalp

Who wouldn’t want to drink a glass of lemonade in this hot summer? Everyone wants to right. And in summers due to excessive sweating, itchiness in the scalp would reach peaks.(simply skyrockets!!) And here’s a great news for lemonade fans, because lemon juice also helps reduce itchy scalp symptoms. It is an effective natural remedy for itchy scalp.

Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • Lemon
  • Cotton ball
The way of approach:
  • Squeeze the juice of freshly cut, ripe lemon and apply it onto your scalp using cotton dipped in the juice.( Caution: Don’t overdo it, as it may bleach your hair)
  • Wash your hair after 5 minutes with a mild shampoo and condition it later.
How will it work: 

It aids in cleaning the scalp and ease your hair follicles from dandruff. Lemon, due to its anti-fungal properties helps restore scalp health.

Have I tried:

I guess so. But not recently.

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10.Neem oil

# Natural Remedy for Itchy Scalp

Neem oil, basically made from neem leaves and seeds hold a high regard in the field of medicine due to its antiseptic, antifungal, antipyretic, antimicrobial (and what not, everything good) properties. With neem oil, you could say your farewell to dry itchy scalp with this wonderful home remedies for itchy scalp.

Itchy Scalp

Essential commodities:
  • 4-5 drops of concentrated neem oil.
  • 3 tbsp of pure, virgin coconut oil.
The way of approach:
  • Add neem oil to coconut oil and amalgamate them.
  • Gently rub this fusion of oils onto your scalp and let them stay for few hours. (say 2 hours). Cleanse your hair with mild shampoo. Don’t use conditioner as it will make your scalp further oily and worsen your itchy scalp case.
How will it work: 

Due to its all good properties (already mentioned above), it naturally minimizes the itch.

Have I tried:

Yes, you bet I tried. And it works great. But I rather prefer direct juice to oil.

My Final Verdict 🙂

Finally, after trying 90% of the above itchy scalp home remedies I came to a conclusion that I loved using banana, aloe vera, curd, and green tea and regard them as the best treatment for itchy scalp. Stay tuned to our top 100 home remedies for further interesting health tips. please share the post with friends & family. Spread Love!

HUH?! Why these? Not others, because I loved that these provide additional benefits as conditioning my hair and are effective for the dry itchy scalp. Nonetheless, many argue that there are better home remedies for itchy scalp. But mind you I prefer these because they naturally relieve itchy scalp. As I promised, now I hope you are clear of your questions like ‘how to get rid of itchy scalp?’, what causes itchy scalp? ‘ how to stop itchy scalp?’ how to relieve itchy scalp?’ what are the notorious itchy scalp causes? ‘ Why does my scalp itch?’

Alternatively, you can also use essential oils for itchy scalp, coconut oil for itchy scalp, apple cider vinegar for itchy scalp, etc.

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