How Long Does Waxing Last [Myths and Reality on Waxing vs Shaving]

The only thing that brings you into shape without an exercise is waxing. Even though¬†it hurts, you will feel like a free bird once the waxing is done. Girls, Do you remember your first threading to your eyebrows? I think if you people were like me, you had thought like “Do eyebrows grow back after threading? ” ūüėÜ ūüėÜ Jokes Apart… It’s high time to wax your legs because Spring is Back!!!! ūüėą However, many of us halfway through shaving the legs feel like “No!!!! I don’t want to do this anymore”. Even me too utter those words many times. So Finally, after a lot of experiments on waxing vs shaving. I want to make you guys Say “No to shaving”. Because I am here to tell you about how good is waxing than shaving and how long does waxing last &¬†benefits of waxing with the many evidence-based examples. So let us get started, Girls…

How Long Does Waxing Last

What is Waxing & Shaving?

Here you go with about waxing… Waxing is a type of procedure to remove unwanted hair on the body that is done from its root with a warm wax. Whereas the definition¬†shave itself is known to everyone. Shaving is another type of method that uses a razor blade to remove the unwanted hair on the body. Also, there are various methods for hair removal in the market like¬†epilation devices like epilators, instant best hair removal cream like¬†Veet hair removal product etc. So are you in a confused state that “should I shave my arms or should I wax it?“. For this reason, we are here to remove all your doubts on waxing vs shaving to save your skin from the¬†irritation after shaving pubic hair and the¬†leg itches after shaving. Undoubtedly get¬†waxed vagina and know how long does waxing last.

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Waxing Vs Shaving (Which is better?)

Absolutely Waxing is better!!! Besides epilating body hair removal, there is a lot know about epilator vs waxing and waxing vs shaving. As the waxing benefits of shaving pubic area female are greater than the shaving. Furthermore, if you are looking to opt for laser removal method you should think once about the average costs of laser hair removal or average full body laser hair removal cost. Instead of this, you can opt for waxing or shaving and also know how long does waxing last. Also, know the answer to your question does hair grow back thicker after shaving or does shaving make hair grow back thicker.




Which One is Easy to Do?

Usually, if you want to opt for waxing, you need to go to a parlor. Or else you can call a professional to your house. Also, it is not that much easy method as it involves in the purchase of hot wax, wax strips and moisturizing lotions etc.

Shaving just needs you to have a hygienic and sharp razor. Also, you should have a shaving gel or cream to apply before shaving your skin. So easy to remove hairy fur on your legs right?

How Long Does it Take to Grow Hair?

How long does it take for hair to grow? Waxing pulls the hair out from the root. So it takes 4 to 6 weeks for regrowth of the hair. Also, the good thing about waxing is the hair grows thinner than earlier. How fast does facial hair grow? or does shaving make hair grow faster? While shaving involves in cutting of the hair only up to the surface of the skin. Probably the regrowth of the hair starts within 7 days to 10 days. Furthermore, the thickness of the hair will be the same as usual.

Which is Painfull?

As a known fact, waxing hairs is painful especially if you are newly trying it. Because the strip is pulled in the opposite direction of the skin hair growth. So it amplifies the pain with red spots on your skin once the session is over. If you followed the precautions like using a moisturizing agent like a shaving gel/cream before you begin the shave, it ensures that there will be no pain. So the winner is shaving in this aspect.

Which is Expensive?

As above said, the waxing legs¬†need a professional or you should go to a parlor. So this results in extra cost. Obviously, the waxing is expensive. Whereas the shaving does not need anyone’s help. So it is not at all expensive method.

What Type of Skin is Suitable?

The people with sensitive skin tend to have a lot of irritation on the skin. Also the waxing results in loss of elasticity in your skin. However, waxing suitable for every skin type except  This method also results in irritation and razor burns. But when compared to waxing, shaving cause less pain. So sensitive skin people should stay away from this shaving method because it dries out your skin.

How Long Does Waxing Last?

Waxing is just like mowing the lawn. At first, we don’t want to do waxing, but once it is done our skin looks beautiful and fresh. Furthermore, due to waxing, hair growth over time tends to reduce and also the density of the hair reduces. So you can expect a more long-lasting time than shaving to get a hair regrowth. Probably the waxing results in hair regrowth after 4 weeks to 6 weeks from the day you waxed your hair.

Whereas the shaving makes your hair regrow within 10 days from the day you shaved. So, this is why the best hair removal wax method is suitable for every skin type to remove unwanted hair. Therefore till now, you have come across the benefits of waxing hair removal and how long does waxing last? Now its time to know how to wax your legs and the various types of hair removal waxing methods.

Different Types of Waxing 

Besides pubic hair removal cream, there are different types of leg waxing or hair waxing methods that are available. So know those all different types of waxes for hair removal which are listed in the below section of the article how long does waxing last?

1. Sugar Wax

How Long Does Waxing Last


Sugar wax is also known as the sugaring. As the name itself indicates that sugar is the key ingredient that has been used in this waxing. Along with sugar, the other ingredients that are used in the sugar wax are lemon juice and honey. Of course, we all knew how important is lemon juice for our skin. So the sugar in this sugar wax exfoliates the skin and helps in leg hair removal very easy. Hence this is the easiest and the best at home wax from the article on how long does waxing last. So the sugar wax is the best for the people with sensitive skin.

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2. Hot Wax

How Long Does Waxing Last

Hard wax or hot wax is used to wax for hair on the upper lips, eyebrows, and underarms. Whenever it is in a warm state this hot wax is applied to the skin and let it cool down and harden. Then with a strip, the dried wax is pulled out from your skin. However, this hot wax does not damage to your skin like many other types of waxes. Moreover, this is the best wax for legs recommended through the article on how long does waxing last.

3. Cold Wax

How Long Does Waxing Last

Cold wax comes in the semi-solid form of wax that is attached to the waxing strips. So these strips can available in the beauty store. Also, it is a travel-friendly wax for hair removal which can also be used for waxing facial hair. As it does not need any heating or processing. To know more go through the article on how long does waxing last?

4. Chocolate Wax

How Long Does Waxing Last

Chocolate is not only for taste but it can also use for a healthy and bouncy skin to achieve through chocolate waxing. This type of waxing enriched with natural oils that are responsible for moisturizing your skin. So add a little more fun to your leg hair removal or leg wax ritual to remove hairs from the skin. Hence follow the article on How Long Does Waxing Last.

The Popular Brazilian Wax

How Long Does Waxing Last

Here is the What is a Brazilian wax or what is Brazilian wax? The Brazilian waxing or Brazillian wax is the method of waxing pubic hair that is done right from the belly button down to your bikini area and pubic area. So for bikini hair removal or bikini waxing the Brazilian wax is best but painful. But this bikini wax or bikini hair removal method needs a professional to do the Brazilian wax. Also, make sure that you long pubic hair before going to approach Brazilian waxing.

However, the Brazilian wax cost is high when compared to other waxing types. how to prepare for Brazilian waxing? Be sure to clean your genital area and pat dry your skin completely. how long does a Brazilian wax last? It may last up to 6 weeks and if you are willing to go for Brazilian wax google it as Brazilian waxing near me or Brazilian wax near me. Therefore read our article on how long does waxing last. how much does a Brazilian wax cost? As it depends on the particular area. So consult professional before getting an appointment.

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How to Prepare Homemade Sugar Wax?

How Long Does Waxing Last

Essential Commodities
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 1 cup of honey
  • A cooking utensil
Way of Approach
  1. Add a cup of brown sugar to the cooking utensil. And add 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of water to it.
  2. Whenever the sugar turns into liquid, you should add a cup of honey to this liquid sugar.
  3. Stir the mixture while you heat the utensil on a low sim. Slowly, increase the heat as you stir the mixture and wait until it reaches a certain boiling point.
  4. Slowly reduce the heat.
  5. Also, make sure the color of the mixture should turn golden. Check its consistency by taking a tbsp of the mixture and letting it cool. If the texture is slightly thicker than honey, you have succeeded in preparing homemade wax.
  6. Pour the mixture into a bowl and let it cool around 30-45 minutes. After it has cooled down use it for back waxing or skin hair removal instead of going for expensive laser pubic hair removal.

As some people found that the laser hair removal hair grows back or laser hair removal regrowth even after removing hairs using laser treatment. Hence follow our article on how long does waxing last.

How to Wax At Home?

#how to wax legs or how to remove hairs from Skin

  • Before applying wax on your skin. Apply talcum powder to keep your skin dry.
  • Apply the above homemade wax on your skin with a popsicle stick in the direction of your hair growth.
  • Now put a wax strip on this applied wax and let the wax cool down and harden.
  • Be mentally prepared and pull out the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • After the wax hair removal¬†is done moisturize your skin to avoid¬†the itchy pubic area after shaving.

So try this method instead of shaving as there is no permanent hair removal cream for shaving arms and other parts of your skin. Hence follow the article on how long does waxing last. 

Laser Hair Removal 

How Long Does Waxing Last

Laser hair removal is the process for removing unwanted hair from the body by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. The laser treatment is used as follows like laser hair removal for bikini line, laser hair removal armpit and laser hair removal coarse hair etc. However, laser treatment like laser hair removal for underarms cost is very high depending on the city you are living in. Due to this reason, we highly recommend you, people, to try our homemade wax treatment which results from the best. As there are many pros and cons of laser hair removal in some people like the hair regrowth even after the laser treatment is done etc. Hence follow our article on how long does waxing last and waxing vs shaving.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Q How much does bikini laser hair removal cost?

A The average cost of laser hair removal treatment for the pubic area will be around $350 to $500.

Q Does shaving make hair thicker or does shaving make hair grow thicker?

A No, the thickness of hair will never change after shaving. The hair will grow to the normal thickness as usual before you shaved your skin.

Q How long should hair be to wax?

A In order to provide grip to the wax applied on your skin hair, the hair length should be at least 1/4 an inch. Then only you will get a perfect result.

Q Does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt or does laser hair removal hurt on face?

A The laser hair removal treatment should never hurt your skin of the body. As it does not involves in any usage of surgical tools or something so the laser hair removal never hurts your skin.

Q Does laser hair removal last forever & is laser hair removal painful?

A The Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal which results in permanent hair reduction. After several sessions of laser hair removal, it can result in the rate at which the hair grows being severely diminished. But the hair follicles are never gonna be destroyed. Although the reduction in hair growth is long-lasting due to laser hair removal treatment, top up sessions may be needed.

Bottom Line

Therefore, here you come through all the types of waxing methods. So add a little more fun to your waxing ritual by choosing one method among those listed in the above section. And thanks for reading our article about how long does waxing last and waxing vs shaving. For more interesting updates visit our website Top 100 Home Remedies.

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