Top 10 Effective Ways on How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Naturally Without Killing Them

Nobody ever thought like petting bees. Because we all knew what mess the bees do to our house once if they get in. However, the bumble bees find some other alternative ways to enter our house premises. An interesting fact about the bumble bees is that they are unable to fly as their small and thin wings cannot carry its fat little body. But, it flies to hell and keeps all our myths away. 😆 😆 . Also, they don’t care about our human feelings and makes us scare like “bees swarming my house” whenever they got an entry pass into houses and yards. And then you can imagine what scrap it will do. So whom do you call to remove a beehive? No idea!!! You don’t need to worry guys, we will let you know the tips on how to get rid of bumble bees naturally

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

What is A Bumble Bee?

A bumble bee is one of the species of the bee families in the genus Bombus, a part of Apidae. Almost there are over 250 species or types of bees and wasps that are in existence all over the world. These are the only extant group of species from the tribe Bombini. Bumblebees are social insects that form colonies by electing a single queen. So each colony in the nest has the 50 individuals in it. Bumble bees have the round bodies covered by the soft hair called Pile which makes them look fuzzy. These are the only bees that live in the ground during spring for reproduction purpose and comes out of the ground when the weather is warming up.

Also, they do not build their nest on its own. But they occupy the nest that is built by other bumblebee species by killing the resident queen. Hence this is all about ground nesting bees identification. Furthermore, you can know about how long does a bee live, does a bumble bee sting etc in the following sections. Also if you are trying for removal of bees check out our tips on how to get rid of bumble bees?

What do Bumble Bees Eat?

The bumble bees and the ground bees feed on the nectar of the plants by using their long hairy tongue. And they carry these nectars to store it at their nest. Along with nectar it also carries the pollen of the plant material to the nests in order to feed their babies or young ones. Some other bumblebees and ground bees sting to steal nectar by making a hole near the base of a flower to access the nectar while avoiding pollen transfer. Therefore if you are looking for pest control bees and a wasp nest in tree removal. You should have a look at the tips on how to get rid of honey bees or how to get rid of bumble bees without killing them.

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What Attracts Bees to Your House?

According to bumble bee facts, the large bee among the whole colony is the bumblebee queen. So now you can imagine what happens if you kill the queen bee. 😆 Apart from jokes, the bumblebees get attracted to the flower’s scent and it’s bright colors. The plants which produce the flat open flower’s with great nectar and pollen makes the bees lure in. In the below section you can get to know about how to kill bumble bees or how to get rid of bumble bees.

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Without Killing Them

You are waiting for a very long time to know the homemade bee trap in order to get rid of fuzzy bee right?. Now all your wait is going to be burst. Because here in this section itself, you can get to know the tips on how to get rid of bumble bees or how to get rid of bees nest through you can remove bees from tree that makes bumble bee honey.

  1. Peppermint Spray
  2. Insecticide Spray
  3. Vinegar Spray
  4. Boric Acid
  5. Sticky Traps
  6. Soda Trap
  7. Mothballs
  8. D Force HPX
  9. Citronella Candles
  10. Zapper

1. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Around Your House With Peppermint Spray

#how to get rid of wasps around the house

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • 2 tbsp of Liquid Dish Soap
  • Water
  • Empty Spray Bottle
Way of Approach
  • Mix 2 tbsp of liquid dish soap and water in an empty spray bottle.
  • And add a few drops of peppermint and cinnamon essential oil to this liquid soap solution.
  • Shake the spray bottle well before using it.
  • This solution acts as the natural bee repellent. So spray this solution at the areas where you have been seeing that the bumble bees are hanging out.
  • Hence for bee hive removal or bee safe bee removal try this remedy to repel them.
How It Works

Mint leaves are the best bee deterrent. So keeping this in mind we have suggested you this tip to kill carpenter bees. Also, it does not involve in any hornet nest removal cost. So if you want a safe bee removal to try our tips on how to get rid of bumble bees for removing bees from a tree.

2. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees in the Ground With Insecticide Spray

#how to get rid of a bumble bee nest

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Insecticide Spray
Way of Approach
  • Purchase an insecticide spray which is available at nursery gardens or you can get it from online.
  • Spray this insecticide killing bee spray which is also a carpenter bee repellent at the places where you have been spotting and trying to achieve the bee bees pest control.
How It Works

Will wasp and hornet spray kill bees? Obviously Yes. Because these are the insecticide sprays that are designed and prepared to achieve bee control. Also, this method will tell you what is killing the bees. Hence try our tips on how to get rid of ground wasps or how to get rid of bumble bees in order to prevent and exploit bees infestation.

3. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Outside With Vinegar Spray

#how to get rid of bees without killing them

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • White Vinegar
  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Warm Water
Way of Approach
  • Take 2 tsp of White Vinegar in an empty spray bottle.
  • Add 2 to 3 tsp of dish soap liquid to the white vinegar in the spray bottle.
  • Also, add a cup of warm water to it.
  • Shake the solution well before using it.
  • And Spray it on the ground nesting bees in order to get rid of bees with vinegar and to avoid problem bees.
How It Works

Now you can say “bee removal near me” after trying this tip. Because any type of bees will attract to the sweet smell of the white vinegar. Due to this reason, we revealed this secret tip. Also, the liquid dish soap can kill the bees for sure. So for bee hive removals and bees removal try our tips on how to get rid of bumble bees or how to get rid of wasps with vinegar.

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4. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees in Your Yard With Boric Acid

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Cat Food
  • Grape Jelly
  • Boric Acid
Way of Approach
  • Thoroughly mix the grape jelly, cat food, and boric acid together. Make this mixture into small-sized balls.
  • Throw or place these boric acid balls as a bee exterminator around the area of the bumblebee nest. Then the bees will be attracted to the taste of the sweet grape jelly food and will take it back to the nest. The boric acid that we used in the mixture results in killing the bees, including the queen. 
  • Also, fill the existing holes of bumble bees with dirt in order to prevent them from building the other nests.
  • Along with the bee killer spray methods, you should also try this tip to achieve bumble bee pest control.
How It Works

As above said, this bumble bee trap will tempt the bumble bees towards the food we prepared as a trap. And carries it to other bees. So that the queen will not be able to produce any new bees. Also, the queen bumble bee reaches its way to death. So for bee best bee removal try our tips on how to get rid of bumble bees to kill not only a bumble bee but also different kinds of bees.

5. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees in Backyard With Sticky Traps

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Sticky Traps
Way of Approach
  • Place the sticky traps which are specially made for killing pests and insects at the areas where the bumble bee hive is there.
  • Through this tip, you can achieve honey bee removal and bugs and bees pest control.
How It Works

What kills bees instantly? Here you go with the best answer “Sticky Traps”. Yes, the sticky traps are more efficient in killing different bees. Along with the natural wasp repellent vinegar tip, you can also rely on this tip to terminate bee hive in ground and bees in wall cavity. Therefore follow our more tips on how to get rid of bumble bees or how to remove a beehive.

6. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees With Soda Trap

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Soda
  • 2-liter empty water bottle
Way of Approach
  • Using a 2-liter soda bottle with the top cut off build a bee trap.
  • Fill half of the container with soda or juice.
  • Also, add a few drops of dish soap to cut the surface tension of the juice or soda.
  • Then the bees will get attracted to the sweet scent of the soda or juice and will be stuck once they fall into the liquid.
  • Also, you can you can hang this trap at the bee nest for pest control bee exterminator near me.
How It Works

DIY carpenter bee trap not only helps you in achieving carpenter bee control. But also it helps you in succeed in achieving control on bumble bees. So now you can say bee exterminators near me and it stands as the best answer to the question how to keep bees away or how to get rid of bumble bees in order to terminate honey bee problem in home.

7. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Control With Mothballs

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Mothballs
Way of Approach
  • Place the mothballs at the places where you notice the bees in the ground.
  • Also, you can blend the mothballs into a fine powder and Sprinkle the mothball powder at the places where you find the existence of bumble bees.
  • Else you can hang mothballs near the black bumble bee nest.
  • Once the bees got terminated you can remove bees nest.
How It Works

As a part of finding bees exterminator, we got an option like this. Yes, the mothballs can repel the bumble bees. So you should definitely try these carpenter bee trap plans. Therefore follow our tips on how to kill ground bees or how to exterminate bumble bee pest control near me.

8. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees With D Force HPX

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • D Force HPX
Way of Approach
  • Spray this solution on honey bee nest as a bee repellent and achieve pest control for bees.
How It Works

Does wasp spray kill bees? For sure, this insecticide for bee removal works best. Because the chemicals that included in this D force HPX will help in killing various types of bumblebees. So for bees pest control and removing bees nests try this tip on how to get rid of bumble bees or how to get rid of ground bees in order to terminate bee nest in wall.

9. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Underground With Citronella Candles

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Citronella candles
Way of Approach
  • Light the citronella candles near the nests of the bumble bee or bumblebee insect and succeed in queen b pest control bee removal.
How It Works

How to repel bees? Citronella candles are actually mosquito repellents. Also, they have the ability to repel underground bees and helps us in bee extermination. If you are not able to invest in bee infestation removal cost you can try our tips on how to get rid of bumble bees in order to exterminate carpenter bees. Also, these home remedies are helpful for the removal of honey bees.

10. How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees in Our House With Zapper

#how to get rid of bees nest in wall cavity

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees

Essential Commodities
  • Zapper 
Way of Approach
  • Install zapper that is potentially electrical near the bumble bee nest in ground and it kills any bee types.
How It Works

What kills bees? The only efficient to kill bees without stinging us is hanging or installing an electric zapper near the bees that nest in the ground. These are the professional bee killer equipment you need to install if your house is infested with bumble bees. Hence try this tip on how to get rid of bees or how to kill bees. In the below sections you can know information about do bumblebees have stingers, where do bees live etc.

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Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Q Do bumble bees sting or can bumble bees sting?

Yes, the bumble bees do sting humans. As a part of the defense or if you harmed its nest the queen bumble bee and worker bumblebees will sting you without hurting itself.

Q How long do bumble bees live & where do bumble bees live?

The Western honey bees will live between 122 to 152 days. Whereas the bumble bees can live up to 28 days only. And the queen bees use the rodent burrows or grass to live underground. While the other bees live in their nest itself.

Q Do bumble bees make honey & do carpenter bees make honey?

Bumblebees can make honey in less quantity when compared to honey bees. However, the carpenter bees cannot make honey as they don’t have hives to protect.

Q How do bees fly?

As said in the initial paragraphs, the bees don’t have the higher ability to fly with their smaller wings. But still, they use to fly which is an impossible thing according to the aviation laws.

Bottom Line

Finally, you are expected to really get benefited with our tips on how to get rid of bumble bees. For more interesting updates regarding health, beauty and pest control methods you can visit our Top 100 Home Remedies at any time and anywhere. Thanks for showering love and support on us. We will never let your hopes on us go down. Once again… Thank You so much. Bubye…

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