Top 6 Impressive Tips on How to Get White Hair Without Causing Damage to Hair

Do you really want to look like a Chic with a freaking hairstyle? Then here you go with the “White Hair”. Yes, this Blonde hairstyle is on Trend now!!! Because, Girls are the one who helps the beauty industries to survive in this world by setting different trends :-P. What Do You Say, Girls? ūüėé And a good hairstyle always makes us feel that we can rule the entire world with a single hand. Moreover, the feeling of the wind blowing through our hair is as just as similar to happiness¬†we get from a fresh cool breeze that is waving on our face when it is a “Hot Summer“. So, Girls, Don’t be late. Let us start knowing the tips on how to get white hair. An ordinary hair doesn’t make you look extraordinary¬†but a good hairstyle definitely helps. So well maintain your hair because it is your crown that you never gonna take it out from your head.

How to Get White Hair

How to Get White Hair Without Causing Damage to Your Hair?

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I think the most important thing that a woman can have next to her makeup is hairstyling kits. Because whether the hair is curly or silky does not matter. The way you pop up your boldness with your hairstyle is the only thing that defines you as the “Best”. So if you want to get that boldness in your face you should definitely try to get¬†silver hair.

This formulae not only applies to girls but also for the guys who want a change over their look can try¬†silver to gold hair coloring. Because we have been watching these trending days, the¬†dyed men’s hair makes them look like a “Stud”. Also, the¬†blonde hair guys inspiring us being so confident and bold. Interesting right? So Girls and Boys… Let us have a look at the article on how to get white hair. In this article, you can know¬†how to dye hair or¬†how to dye your own hair. However, you need to follow some step by step guide before bleaching your hair.

  1. Build a Healthy Hair
  2. Purchase Materials
  3. Perform a Patch Test
  4. How to Get White Hair With Bleaching Procedure
  5. Tone your Hair
  6. Hair Care after bleaching is done

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1. Building Healthy Hair

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Especially this step plays a key role in preventing damage to your hair from bleaching. So before going to know How to Get White Hair and how to dye the end of your hair you need to examine your hair health. Because in getting platinum hair the procedure involved in chemicals usage like bleaching powder. So it is compulsory to check your hair health like breakage, roughness, dryness etc if any. Furthermore, this precaution will prevent further damage to your hair that may be caused by bleaching powder and volume developer you are going to use. 

Quality Check

How to Get White Hair

  • You should keep an eye on the quality of your hair. Particularly look for the dry and damaged ends of your hair before getting bleached and re dyed hair.
Oiling Your Hair

How to Get White Hair

  • Simply heat a small bowl of coconut oil or olive oil to repair damaged hair¬†for 30 seconds.
  • By taking the oil into hands, massage this warm oil into your hair and scalp with gentle moves.
  • Let the¬†oil stay on your scalp for 3 hours before bleaching your hair.
  • Also, you can leave the oil on your scalp overnight before the day you want to bleach your hair.

A well-moisturized hair can easily get the best silver hair dye color to your hair. So it is very important for you to keep your hair organized in order to help the bleaching process which gives you a real blonde hair.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

How to Get White Hair

  • Do not get tempted for the products which contain chemicals like sulfates, strongly fragranced products etc.
  • Also, avoid the products that claim to add volume to your hair.
  • Always opt for the products that will not strip natural oils of your hair and keeps your¬†hair¬†moisturized.
  • Always look for the products that have low pH, oil like argan, avocado, olive, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, propylene glycol, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, and alcohols that start with ‚Äúc‚ÄĚ or ‚Äús.‚ÄĚBecause these can reduce the damage caused to your hair from grey hair dye.
Avoid Heating

How to Get White Hair

  • Do not depend on straighteners, hair dryers, curl iron etc to style your hair. Because you can’t even imagine what damage these tools will do hair that results in hair damage. So if you want to get a bleached hair don’t rely on these styling tools. Always go for no heat hairstyles if necessary.

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2. Purchasing What You Need

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So now its time to know what you all need. To get a good white hair or gray hair dye you need few products like bleaching powder, toner, volume developer, red gold corrector, toning conditioner, and shampoo, hair dying tools. So what are the precautions you should take before purchasing these products? Therefore follow our article on How to Get White Hair.

How to Get White Hair

Bleaching Powder
  • You can get bleaching powder in packets or tubs.
  • So be wiser while choosing the best-branded bleaching powder to get a real white blonde hair dye or¬†platinum hair.
What Volume Developer for Gray hair
  • A Cream developer or Volume developer is used to mixing it along with the bleaching powder for application.
  • Furthermore, these cream developers come in different ranges of volumes like 10, 20, 30 and 40.
  • The higher the volume the faster it will turn your dying hair¬†into the blonde dyed hair.
  • But most of the professional recommend Volume 10 and 20 only. Because the higher volumes will damage your hair quickly.
  • However, if you have fine hair then you can try Volumes 30 and 40. But the standard volume is 20 which can do less damage when compared to others.
  • Toner is an essential product to turn your hair color from yellow blonde hair to white.¬†
  • Also, they are available in blue, silver and purple shades.
  • Choose the best toner by taking your skin and hair color into consideration. For example, if your hair color is too golden then you should consider choosing blue or purple based toners for bleaching hair.
Red Gold Corrector
  • Those who are with darker hair, or hair that contains red, orange, or pink tones may find red gold correctors particularly useful in getting their hair extra white.
  • So this is an optional product. Whether to purchase a red gold corrector or not depends on your interest.
  • But while you are on the process of bleach blonde hair, to reduce brassiness red gold corrector is helpful.
Toning Conditioner & Shampoo
  • These products come in rich purple or purple-blue color.¬†
  • Also¬†toning shampoo for white hair are meant to remove unwanted hair tones like yellow etc from your hair to give a complete silver blonde hair look.
  • To remove brassiness out of your hair consider purchasing conditioner also.
Hair Dyeing Tools

How to Get White Hair

  • Without hair dying tools you can’t do anything to get a platinum blonde hair color.
  • For re-dyeing hair all you need is¬†tint brush, a plastic mixing bowl, plastic spoon, gloves, plastic hair clips, towels, and plastic wrap or a clear plastic shower cap.
  • Do not choose metallic tools. As it reacts negatively to the bleaching powder.

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3. Patch Test

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Before going your hair to get silver hair color, you need to do a patch test on your skin to know that you are not allergic to the mixture and a strand test how long you can leave the bleaching mixture on your hair strand. To know more information on patch test and strand test read the sections of the article “How to Get White Hair“.

How to Get White Hair

For Patch Test: Prepare a tiny mixture of bleach and apply it on the back of your ear with a cotton swab. Let the mixture stay on your skin for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash it off or wipe it off with a wet cloth. And for 48 hours you need to observe your skin for an allergic reaction. If there is no allergic reaction on your skin, then you can barely try this mixture on your hair.

How to Get White Hair

For Strand Test: Likewise, you did in case of the patch test, take a small amount of bleaching mixture and apply it on the strand of your hair. Keep on checking your hair strand for every 10 minutes until the strand reaches the desired white color. Also, this will help you to know how much time your hair is taking to turns its color to white color grey hair blonde.

So this is all about Patch Test, now you are about to know how to dye your hair white or how to bleach your hair at home in the below sections of the article on how to get white hair.

4. How to Bleach Hair At Home?

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For a white hair dye below is the procedure on How to Get White Hair. So let us get started to know the step by step guide for bleaching your hair. Also, follow the tips for dying hair black.

How to Get White Hair

Essential Commodities
  • Bleaching Powder for bleach blonde hair
  • Cream Developer
  • Toner
  • Red Gold Collector (Optional)
  • Toner Conditioner and shampoo
  • Silver hair ombre hair dying tools
Way of Approach
  • Wear a pair of gloves and drape an old towel around your shoulder to avoid stains on your clothes.
  • Using a plastic spoon take adequate and equal amounts of bleaching powder and cream developer into the mixing bowl.
  • Thoroughly mix them well.
  • After the mixture of bleaching powder and cream developer combined. Consider adding red gold corrector to the mixture.
  • Apply this mixture evenly on your dry or unwashed hair.
  • Once you have applied this bleach bath hair check your hair for every 15 mins. Also, make sure that you have applied this mixture to the roots also. If not start applying it to get a perfect platinum hair color.
  • Cover your hair a plastic shower cap. Wait for a max of 50 minutes but not above than this.
  • After 50 minutes remove the plastic cap from your hair. Then wash, condition and rinse your hair normally and look for the yellow color signs on your hair. If it is yellow color then you are ready for toning process. If you have not seen any yellow colored hair or if your hair is still dark then you need to again bleach your hair until it turns yellow.

Hence this is the procedure on how to dye the ends of your hair. Also, it is the best way to dye your hair at home. For toning process keep reading the article how to get white hair.

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5. Toning Hair

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After dying hair blonde with bleaching powder mixture, you need to wash out all your hair. And follow up the toning process which is a second step on how to dye your hair with bleach or How to Get White Hair in order to achieve a long white hair.

How to Get White Hair

Essential Commodities
  • Toner for grey blonde hair¬†
  • Cream Developer for platinum blonde hair dye
Way of Approach
  • Firstly make sure that all the bleach mixture in your hair is gone.¬†
  • Now mix a part of toner with 2 parts of a cream developer thoroughly.
  • Using a tinting brush apply this toner mixture to your damp hair evenly all over your hair.
  • Wear a shower cap and allow the toner to sit in your hair up to the time mentioned in the toner product packaging.
  • You need to check your hair for every 10 minutes. So that it ensures your hair turning to a white color or not.
  • If your hair color is still in blue silver hair¬†then reapply the toner and put back the shower cap.¬†
  • But once the color is changed to white then remove the shower cap and wash your hair with cool water to get DIY hair toner out of your hair.
  • Do shampoo and condition your hair.
  • Let your hair dry and now you can see the magical bright not black and silver hair but white hair.¬†

6. Hair Care That Should be Followed

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Don’t think that it is all done. The actual care that should be given to your hair starts from here. After dying hair black to get a dyed white hair you need to follow some tips and precaution to lower the damage to your hair. So after done with¬†bleach get to follow the tips on How to Get White Hair.

  1. Whenever you feel that your silver blonde hair is dry, you should not shampoo it. Also, do not ver brush your hair, don’t rely on straightening and curling.
  2. If you want a straightened hair, then get it with a blow dryer or with a round brush.
  3. Use a wide tooth brush whenever you want to brush your hair.
  4. Shampoo your hair only once a week.
  5. Always apply coconut oil 3 hrs before you shampoo your hair.
  6. As we all know that any hair dye goes away after a few days. So you need to check for the hair color which lost its whiteness.
  7. If you found that your hair roots and any other strands, blue tips hair losing its dying hair white color you should get them back into silver white hair by applying the same bleaching mixture and follow up the toning process.
Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Q How to dye your hair without bleach?

A If you are the one who is looking for DIY dye hair tips here you can find it. For dying your hair blonde without bleach, you need an adequate amount of lemon juice to spray it on your hair. After spraying lemon juice on your hair, you need to stay in Sunlight for 30 to 60 minutes. So that your hair will get a natural lightening effect. After that wash your hair to see the magic. Hence try this DIY dyeing hair tip to bleach your hair naturally.

Take Away Words

I already said that dyed grey hair guys and girls look bold. So if you want to reflect your kinda boldness in your hairstyle try this tips on how to get white hair. And one more thing I am excited to say is “I really love to paint my hair. So what about you girls? Let me know your opinions about dying your hair in the comment section below. Hope you guys liked this article. For more interesting updates on health, beauty and pest control methods stay tuned to our website¬†Top 100 Home Remedies. Share this info to your friends and family as well. Bubye!!! Cheers…

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