Top 10 Effective & Easy Natural Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

Eyes are captivatingly beautiful. Because of the words they hold within them but not because of their color. Also, your eyes are honest as they will always tell the truth even if your mouth is telling a lie when you are in pain. So true right??? Science says crying is good for your eyes. Because crying can reduce stress on your eyes, ease your pain and cleanse your eyes. But being a human you should not always cry in pain for some reasons like Glaucoma. Yes, I can understand how the Glaucoma can affect your eyes. So what say guys how will you get rid of these Glaucoma pressure in your eyes? No idea!! we are here for you with amazing natural remedies for Glaucoma. So now you can stop thinking about how to lower pressure in eyes and start trying our tips on how to reduce pressure in eyes.

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

What is Glaucoma Surgery?

Here is the answer to your query what does high eye pressure mean? Glaucoma causes high pressure in the eye. Also, the glaucoma is characterized by a various group of diseases that effects eyes which can damage your eye’s optic nerve through the fluid blockage. Optic Nerve is the nerve which carries images or vision to your brain. So this optic nerve can be damaged due to the Glaucoma if left untreated. Moreover this Glaucoma top second most cause for blindness in many people in the United States. Furthermore, there are mainly two types of Glaucoma which are responsible for eye vision damage are open-angle and angle-closure glaucoma. Beyond this there are some other types of Glaucoma test are as follows…

  1. Secondary Glaucoma
  2. Traumatic Glaucoma
  3. Uveitic Glaucoma
  4. Pigmentary Glaucoma

Hence these are the various types of Glaucoma. Additionally, know the information about what causes high eye pressure and how to reduce it. Also, try our natural remedies for Glaucoma Cure.

Glaucoma Eye Pressure Symptoms

There are no earliest symptoms that show in your eye if you are having glaucoma eye pressure. But there are symptoms that can raise if the condition of Glaucoma eye is becoming severe. So check out the symptoms of various Glaucoma types and also try our natural remedies for Glaucoma.

  • Mild headaches associated with pain in the eyeball.
  • Narrowing of peripheral vision.
  • Vague visual disturbances like “halo effect” or trouble adapting the darkness.
  • Tunnel vision.
  • Intense pain in one eye or both.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Red eyes.
  • Swollen eyes.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Swollen eyelids.
  • Vision disturbances.
  • Vision loss or blindness.

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What Causes High Pressure in Eyes?

In the below section we have clearly given the main causes of Glaucoma pressure in your eyes. So along with this information also try our natural remedies for Glaucoma as open angle glaucoma treatment.

  • Accumulation of dirt in your body.
  • Also the accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Due to certain medication drugs including corticosteroids, blood pressure meds, and antidepressants.
  • Due to heredity.
  • History of having illnesses like macular degeneration and other eye related disorders.
  • Metabolic slowing due to aging.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma Pressure in Eyes

Along with glaucoma medications for lowering glaucoma pressure, you should also try some natural remedies for Glaucoma Cure which are safe and easier to follow.

  1. Flaxseeds
  2. Bilberries
  3. Spinach
  4. Fluid Intake
  5. Lowering Insulin Levels
  6. Fish Oil
  7. Magnesium
  8. Frankincense Oil
  9. Blinking Exercise
  10. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

1. How to Low Eye Pressure with Flaxseeds

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Flaxseeds or Flaxseed Oil
Way of Approach
  • Add flaxseed oil to your salads or you can eat a tbsp of flaxseeds twice a day.
  • Also, you can try black cumin seed oil in order to reduce pressure in eye.
How It Works

Like organic black seed oil benefits or benefits of black seed oil, the flaxseeds also have enormous benefits for the cure of glaucoma. Also, the flax seeds have the properties of antioxidants and anti omega 3 fatty acids in it. For this reason, it helps in improving the pressure. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma even after glaucoma eye surgery.

2. How to Reduce Eye Pressure with Bilberries

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Bilberries
Way of Approach
  • Consume bilberries every day as the best glaucoma treatment.
  • Also, you can continue eating bilberries even if you are having pre glaucoma symptoms in order to prevent further Glaucoma symptoms.
How It Works

Besides the black seed benefits, the bilberries have anthocyanidin which helps in fighting against the radicals that damage eyesight. Furthermore, the dark berries have the antioxidant properties in it which help to improve the overall health of the eyes by reinforcing the capillaries that transmit nutrients to the eye nerves and muscles. Also with this bilberries can glaucoma be cured by strengthening blood vessels which reduces hemorrhaging and causing damage. Not only glaucoma but also the macular degeneration can also be cured even after eye surgery to relieve pressure in the eye. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma.

3. How to Treat Glaucoma with Spinach

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Spinach
Way of Approach
  • You can add this spinach leaves to your salads to cure a glaucoma headache.
  • Or you drink the spinach juice as a cure for glaucoma.
How It Works

Spinach is an excellent source of Lutein and zeaxanthin which works as antioxidants which help in protecting the eyes from free radicals. Also, the regular conception of spinach herbs for eyes helps in glaucoma prevention and you even no need to go for glaucoma testing. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma watery eyes treatment home.

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4. How to Relieve Eye Pressure with Fluid Intake

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Water or fluids
Way of Approach
  • Increase your fluid intake like 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
How It Works

Dry eyes can be a cause for glaucoma. As the glands inside your eyes cannot be able to provide enough fluid to your eyes. So drinking water frequently is the best option instead depending on heavy glaucoma medication which may lead to laser eye treatment for glaucoma. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma.

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5. How to Lower Eye Pressure with Low Insulin Levels

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Target to Lower Your Insulin Levels
Way of Approach
  • Eat a healthy that are rich in vitamin A and eat green veggies to lower high pressure in eyes and cure glaucoma in the eyes.
How It Works

The people who are suffering from the obesity, blood pressure etc can become resistant to insulin which may result in more insulin. So you guys need to control consuming the foods that trigger the insulin levels. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma pressure as a natural treatment for glaucoma.

6. How to Reverse Glaucoma Naturally Two Weeks with Fish Oil

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Fish Oil
Way of Approach
  • Consume the fish oil orally or you can eat salmon to get the nutrition to your eyes as similar as to the fish oil capsules.
  • Try consuming 1000 mg of fish oil every day as a natural cure for glaucoma in order to lower your high intraocular pressure.
How It Works

The EPA/DHA fatty acids that were found in the fish oil can improve your eye health. It is also proven that the fish oil is best for eye health. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma cure even after surgery for glucoma is done. Also, you can use this fish oil as glaucoma drops for eyes.

7. Natural Remedies for Glaucoma with Magnesium

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Way of Approach
  • Consume the foods which are rich in magnesium as a part of the glaucoma natural treatment.
  • Also, consume the 250 gms of mg capsules instead of the artificial glaucoma eye drops over the counter.
How It Works

Regular intake of magnesium can relax the blood vessels and helps in healthy blood flow circulation to the eyes. Hence even after glaucoma laser surgery, you can use this natural remedies for glaucoma cured as glacoma meds which are to be recommended by your doctor as acute angle glaucoma treatment.

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8. Natural Remedies for Glaucoma with Frankincense Oil

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Cotton Buds
Way of Approach
  • Dip the cotton balls in Frankincense oil.
  • Now dab the oil filled cotton buds in your eyes.
  • Or put two drops of Frankincense oil on the cheeks and lateral eye area but do not put directly into eyes and relax.
  • Repeat this method of open angle glaucoma treatments in order to low pressure glaucoma.
How It Works

The frankincense black oil is the best essential oils for eyesight which can be used as glaucoma eye drops. Along with black cumin seed oil benefits, this frankincense oil also has numerous eye health benefits that improve eyesight. Hence try this natural remedies for glaucoma or natural treatment for macular degeneration inorder to stay away from artificial glaucoma eye drops side effects.

9. Natural Remedies for Glaucoma with Eye Blinking Exercise

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Essential Commodities
  • Blinking Exercise
Way of Approach
  • Always blink your eyes as shown in the above image to low pressure glaucoma and reduce glaucoma pain.
How It Works

Many people who work on the computer always avoid blinking the eyes. So this may cause glaucoma pressure in early age. So in order to prevent these kinds of situations, we recommend you that practice the above blinking exercise for every 2 seconds as a part of treatment for glaucoma. Hence try our natural remedies for glaucoma instead of laser treatment for glaucoma and using medications for glaucoma.

10. Natural Remedies for Glaucoma with No Caffeine & Alcohol

#how to treat high eye pressure

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma

Way of Approach
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine products as a part of the treatment of glaucoma red eyes.
How It Works

Glaucoma and alcohol are anti to each other. Because the alcohol and caffeine are proven for the reduced blood flow to the eyes. So if you don’t want to face the situations like surgery for glaucoma you should try our natural remedies for glaucoma treatments. Also, use doctor recommended eye drops for glaucoma and glaucoma drugs to prevent further inflammation of the eye.

Question & Answers

Q How does marijuana help glaucoma and why is marijuana used for glaucoma or does marijuana help glaucoma

In 2006 the Marijuana constituents had reported that marijuana has reduced the eye pressure without causing any psychoactive effects. So for this reason, we also recommend you to try marijuana for reducing glaucoma pressure in the eye. Hence marijuana cures glaucoma.

Q Is glaucoma curable

Generally, glaucoma can never ever be cured. But the condition of Glaucoma can control by using some natural remedies for glaucoma. With the help of Eye drops, pills, laser procedures, and surgical operations you can definitely prevent or slow further damage from occurring of damage to your eyesight. Also, you should remember that with any type of glaucoma condition, you should have regular eye examinations which are very important to detect progression and to prevent vision loss.

Q How is glaucoma treated

The Glaucoma can be treated depending on the specific type of glaucoma. Also, the doctors will check and examine your eyes for severity of Glaucoma. Moreover, Glaucoma can be treated with the help of eye drops, pills, laser surgery, glaucoma medicine, and traditional surgery. Finally, the goal of any kind of the above treatments is to prevent loss of vision and involves in reversing glaucoma.

Q Can dry eyes cause high eye pressure

Yes, the dry eyes may lead to fluid blockage in the glands of your eyes if left untreated. So you can cure your dry eye condition on your own with the help of our tips on how to get rid of dry eyes.

Our Verdict 

Finally, we suggest you people that if you want to prevent glaucoma you should drink plenty of fluids and have a hand full of nuts and green veggies., Moreover if you are suffering the any of the symptoms that are listed above of this article you should consult glaucoma eye doctor for better treatment. And the doctor will recommend you the laser eye surgery to relieve pressure. Hence we hope that our article on natural remedies for Glaucoma cure will help you a lot in controlling and preventing the vision loss caused due to the Glaucoma. Also for more health tips, beauty tips and pest control tips stay tuned to our Top 100 Home Remedies

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